Battle of the bands

Last year we had an amazing time at our Battle of the Bands event created and led by one of our teenagers in our student ministry, Jake Fesmire. Jake started this event in honor of a late couple, Charles and Joyce Kinney, who encouraged him in his music ministry and were huge parts of our youth ministry at Ramseur Wesleyan. They always encouraged the adult volunteers and teens to walk closer with the Lord and were also encouraging by their giving of time, service and money. 

Over the last 4 years this ministry and fundraiser has grown so much and have been able to send students on mission trips every year. I have attached a flyer promo for the event for anyone in your congregation who wants to come out and enjoy the show for free. There is also information about how your band, worship leader, choir director, or congregation can join in the competition. One of the highlights of last year was a moment I will not forget. In the midst of the noise everything softened to just the voices of the over 80 people in attendance. They sang sweetly a song of old unto our Lord and while we had one-woman bands, bluegrass trio's, church praise teams, and professional contemporary artists and rock bands, it would not have been possible without the Lord and the prayer of his people. 

When you take part of this amazing student-led event, you MAY go home with some extra cash in hand for your band or ministry, but you WILL go home encountered with our Lord Jesus. We can't wait to hear from you and to pray with you!